Central Park Summer Pavilion in New York

The project is located in the northern part of Central Park, on a small meadow surrounded by greenery. The concept is based on the idea of lightness and integration with environment. From the outside, the form consists of tworings, intertwining with each other in a dynamic but harmonious whole. Form is the main symbol of the pavilion, which is strengthening and creating new relations amongpeople. The rings are made of lightweight steel structure, enclosed by panels of cellular polycarbonate, attached to the inner core. It makes that the solid is slightly transparent, which gives the impression of integration and harmony with the nature. Looking from a human perspective, the rings give the impression of floating above the ground. In addition, the panels can be subtly illuminated at night, giving an interesting effect. As a result, the pavilion has a chance to become a sign recognizable Central Park, both day and night. In the pavilion there is open space for exhibitions. They can be placed on the walls of the rings and on concrete cuboids. Another attractionis a mini cafe in the core. In the upper ring there is amphitheater, which can be used to organize presentations and concerts. Because of its open form, it can also be an ideal place to observe the stars. Moreover, inclined form of the ring, makes its an unusual viewpoint